Studio Series 003: Ron Reed Presents…


Top Ten Thousand Of All Time

“My artist’s manifesto, in a peculiar sort of way.”

Pacific Theatre, 1440 12th Ave W, Vancouver, BC

(604) 731-5518

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November 20: Artist talkback after show, presented by WeMakeStuff



“A solitary late-night disc jockey counts down his ten thousand favourite tunes in a quirky, evocative piece that’s as much about the work and calling of the artist as it is about The Allman Brothers, Portishead, W.H. Auden and the Toronto Blue Jays. Written at a time when the future of Pacific Theatre was uncertain, the show has been performed from San Francisco to Houston, Toronto to Galiano Island – but never on the Pacific Theatre stage” (Pacific Theatre).

Featuring Ron Reed.

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