Artist Hunting at Levite Summit 2014

The Levite Summit is an inspiring annual conference in Kelowna, BC for creatives. Music boasts the strongest representation, but there’s something for everyone during the weekend.

WeMakeStuff team members Craig Ketchum and Steffen Janzen piled the WeMakeStuff showcase booths into a Nissan Versa and braved at least two snowstorms, arriving in Kelowna four hours later. Besides going to see the awesome line of speakers, we were on the hunt for artists from BC’s Interior region. WMS Volume 02 expands the WeMakeStuff story British Columbia-wide. We met incredible creatives of many stripes and saw a huge mutual benefit in connecting with this gathering. We are thankful for the experience.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.45.12 PM

Photo by Levite Summit.

This year, heart-stirring innovator Erwin McManus (of Mosaic in Los Angeles) spoke about the artist’s soul and creativity, that often-misunderstood essence that is the ultimate fingerprint of God. A soul that is alive, he asserted, is a soul that creates. As we create with God, we become artists at work and works of art.

Over the weekend, conference participants were treated to 40+  choices for breakout sessions in the fine arts, technical skills, music business, conflict resolution, instruments, and worship leading; plus performance showcases and panel discussions. Having access to high quality workshop facilitators in small groups and close proximity was a rich privilege, especially considering the exceptionally affordable conference price.



WeMakeStuff Volume 01 artist and Vancouver’s own Carolyn Arends closed the conference with a brilliant talk about the absolute necessity of art to keep the human soul, brain, and culture rich, leading us down a path that drew on everything from neuroscience to theology. Art allows us to explore an intuitive and relational mode of knowing that comes when we create and allow our subject to teach us, and this kind of knowledge is severely undermined in our culture that focuses so much on an objective, detached kind of knowledge.

It was a treat to connect with fellow inspirers in the breathtaking springtime beauty of Kelowna, and we’ll certainly be back again next year. We hope you can join us!

2014 Levite Summit sneak peek from Hear the Music on Vimeo.


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    What a great synopsis! I’m still processing all the good stuff that went down that weekend, and looking forward to next year!

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